Notes From May 6th Planning Committee Meeting @ Green River College

KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, May 6th, 2017 @ GRC

  1. Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Steve Whitehead, Melody (Cain) Ickes,  Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Nancy (Olson) Lyle, Dave Johnson, Larry Petersen, Karen Busey, Nancy (Bauter) Roddy, Alyce Foster, Dennis Shanlian, Gwennann (Iles) Kroon and Larry Albert.


2) Minutes accepted: The minutes from our April 8th, 2017 meeting were approved as written.


3) Financial Report: 

A) Primary account – $9,884.

B) KM Support Fund – $661.

C) Savings Account – $5.00 

D) Total in Account – $ 10,601.07

E)) Recent Expenses – $40.85

F) Recent Donations – $3,2220.00

4) Registration Update: We have received 54 classmate registrations and 21 guest registrations for the Saturday night dinner event. Twenty people are signed up for the welcome luncheon on Friday. Eleven have paid for the golf event on Friday afternoon. Twenty one have indicated they will attend the Goodbye breakfast on Sunday morning. Finally, nine of our classmates that are unable to attend have ordered the Memory Book.

5) Decorations Committee: Several members from the Decorations Committee met with Patty Sherman of GRC during our group tour of the facility. The decorations committee has decided upon the details of the tables, table settings, and various other special enhancements for the facility to make this a very special and memorable event. Our Alma Mater will be posted on one of the two tables near the Memorial  table.  Also, there will be three sheet cakes with the logo on them. Corsages will be provided for all committee members, greeters and our KM 66 registration volunteers.

6) Teacher Invitations: Gwennann (Iles) Kroon is working on the invitation design and contact information for our former teachers and KM staff. The committee made clear its desire to extend the hosted invites to both staff and significant other. We will use the same invite form for Thank You notes as needed.

7) Continued PR Efforts: Antonette is organizing a call list to classmates yet to send in registrations. Volunteers to call those on the list are: Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Melodie (Cain) Ickes,Linda (Knapp) Rogers,  Nancy (Bauter) Roddy, Steve Whitehead, Larry Petersen and Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler.

8) Program Committee: The Master of Ceremonies  (Larry Albert) tasks will include the following: Pledge of Allegiance, a tribute to our Veterans, a moment of silence for our deceased classmates, KM faculty and staff recognition / appreciation, the gift box raffle draw, safety escort information and announcements from the podium as necessary.

9) Campus Tour: Gwenann (Iles) Kroon is arranging for the pre-tour coffee, water and bagels or donuts. The paperwork has been completed and approved by KM. Our cost for this event is $104.48. KM Vice Principal, Dave Radford, will guide our tour at no cost. However, we should consider making a donation to the KM Foundation for students.

10) Registration Table Process: Antonette will provide our KM 66 registrants with 4 lists of registrations in order to accommodate 4 lines that our classmates can register in. Dave is printing classmate pictures from the annual on glossy picture quality paper. These will go on the name tags in order to more easily identify each other.

11) Facility Map / Layout: During the tour of the facility with Patty Sherman, we made a few changes to the layout of tables and activities. There will be two bars instead of just one in order to reduce wait time. See the new map for details.

12)  Large Group Photo: Antonette presented details regarding a Videographer service for our consideration.

Raines Video Production can take our large group photo of all classmates in one picture.  Mr. Rains works mostly on 50th reunions. He will shoot the video, go back to studio and edit it and add music from the 60’s. When done, he then can give us a DVD that we can email to everyone. He will send an order form to all classmates so they can order the video.

13) Banner: Leslie (Moon) Meisner has ordered a banner with the picture of the front entrance of KM that can be signed by classmates. It will be located at the entrance near the registration tables. This banner can be used for the large group picture also.

14) Tributes To Deceased Classmates: Gary Albers will include any memorials in the Memory Book if submitted by May 25th. These memorial tributes will also be included in a notebook at the Memorial table even if submitted after May 25th.

15) Next meetings Schedule:

June 10th at The Golden Steer Restaurant

July 8th at The Golden Steer Restaurant

  *****NOTE: Anyone wishing to have lunch before the meeting together will be in the upper bar area (larger than the 1890’s room) at 12 noon.



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