NOTES for June 10th, 2017 Reunion Committee Meeting


Classmates Attending Saturday Night Dinner (102)
(As of July 10, 2017)
Karin (Adamson) Yukish
Constance (Akers) Brown
Gary Albers 
Lawrence Albert
Bruce Alkire
Patricia Anderson
Gregory Bailey
Sheryl Baisinger
Nancy Bauter Roddy
Lee Bennett
Rod Bergquist
David Bozotte
Steven Bridge
Dennis Brothers
Bonnie (Brownlee) Middleton
Melodie (Cain) Ickes
Jim Cantrell (TEACHER)
Ron Case
Larry Christensen
Brenda (Clark) Blessing
Francine (Conwell) Nelson
Pauline (Conwell) Thomas
William Deibert
Thomas Del Pozzi
Robert Donofrio
Kathleen Doyle Fehlings
Judy (Ducatt) Shurtleff
Mary (Ellis) Wojnar
Jean (Gallaway) Bran
Linda (Gonnason) Mansur
Kathryn (Gregory) Pickard
Lois Haeseler
Gorden Hall Jr
Marilee (Hansen) Kiene
Allan Harlick
Paul Highsmith (TEACHER)
Janice (Hilden) Talbot
Terrance Hines MacLeod
Timmothy Hines MacLeod
Kim Hoel
Mary (Holloway) Whitley
Renee (Houston) Mason
Linda (Huey) Kohl
Gwenann (Iles) Kroon
Linda (Illian) Reed
Cheryl (Johanns) Hovind
Dave Johnson
Charles Joiner
Robert Jones
Antonette (Kahoun) Benham
Hollyann (Kantzer) Williams
Cheryl (Kassner) Swettnam
Nachhattar Singh Khela
Ford Kiene
Linda (Knapp) Rogers
Laurel (Kronkright) Jacques
Linda (Landis) Nelson
Scott Learned
Karen (McMasters) Busey
Judith Meyers
Shirley (Miles) Watanabe
Sandra (Molotte) Bainbridge
Mary (Montgomery) McHugh
Leslie (Moon) Meisner
Sue (Moore) Newman
Nancy (Moore) Van De Mark
Marilyn (Nello) Stephens
Mari (Nestegard) Elmquist
Adriane (Niccoli) Hartness
James Nixon
Steven Norgaard
Mollie (Olson) Forssen
Nancy (Olson) Lyle
Loran Petersen
Vicky (Plant) Berndt
John Reed
Nancy (Reynolds) Kaastad
David Rothermel
Beverly (Sandwick) Smith
Frederick Satterstrom III
Gloria (Schmitt) Lewis
John See
Edward Shaffer
Dennis Shanlian
Alyce (Slightam) Foster
Michael Smith
Terry Snow
Bruce Stendal
Verna (Stitt) Teeter
Rosemary (Stowell) Bell
Al Sumner
Michael Terry
Cathy (Theer) Wilson
Claire (Topel) Smay
Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler
Wes Van De Mark
Ann (Wachowiak) Fox
Bud Webster
Steve Whitehead
Daniel Williams
Roxanne (Willis) Belcher
Monty Wilson




KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Steve Whitehead, Melody (Cain) Ickes,  Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Nancy (Olson) Lyle, Dave Johnson, Larry Petersen, Nancy (Bauter) Roddy, Alyce Foster, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler, and Greg Bailey.


1) Minutes accepted: The minutes from our May 6th, 2017 meeting were approved as written.

2) Financial Report:

A) Primary account – $11,956

B) KM Support Fund – $661

C) Savings Account – $5

D) Total in Account – $ 12,622

E) Recent Expenses – $1,535

F) Recent Donations – $335.00

3) Registration Update: We have received 83 classmate registrations and 37 guest registrations for  a total of 120 plates paid for the Saturday night dinner event. Thirty two (32) people are signed up for the welcome luncheon on Friday. Ten (10) have paid for the golf event on Friday afternoon. Twenty one (21) have indicated they will attend the Goodbye breakfast on Sunday morning. Twenty seven (27) are signed up for the KM campus tour. Finally, nine (9) of our classmates that are unable to attend have ordered the Memory Book.

4) Continued PR Efforts: Dave Johnson will check with Dennis Shanlian regarding local reader boards and local news coverage of our upcoming events.

5) Decorations Committee: The committee reported that they are ready to decorate for Saturday night. They will have gold runners, alternating color table linens, blue and white boutonnieres with the words 50 year on them. A gold vase crown will hold artificial flowers will be on the registration table. Fresh hydrangeas will be on the tables along with small centerpiece mirrors. The railings will have strings of lights with a white tulle. There will also be bouquets of balloons. The committee has worked quite hard and long on setting the tone for a very memorable event.

6) KM Campus Tour: Nancy Roddy will bring the food treats, Greg Bailey will provide “Travelers” coffee from Starbucks, Antonette Benham and Leslie Meisner will bring tea bags. Leslie will also bring the napkins.

7) Teacher Invitations:  We have received RSVP’s from Jim and Marilyn Cantrell and Paul and Joyce Highsmith. Don Campbell has sent his regrets. We are waiting to hear from several other teachers.

8) Greeters: Kathy Pickard filled out the time schedule for our greeters and will make it available at our next meeting on July 8th.

9) Slideshow: Dave Johnson sent about 100 photos from previous reunions, meetings and our senior year annual to Gary Albers. Gary is creating a slide show to be running before and after dinner.

10) Photos and Videos: The SnapBar will be open for an hour and a half before dinner and an hour and a half after the dinner. Classmates will be able to gather old friends for a photo that will be printed out right after the picture is taken. Digital copies will be made available later. Rains  Video Productions will be serving as our videographer and will make his interviews available on a CD Disc for $29.99. Karen Reel will be snapping pics throughout all of our events during the three days and will make them available for $9.99. The large group picture will be taken by Rains Productions. The grade school classmates pictures will be taken on a schedule at the SnapBar.

11) Registration Packets and Name Tags: The name tags will have each classmate’s picture and name on it. Name tags will be provided to their guests that identify what classmate they are with. Jeanne Stewart has volunteered to put the name tags together and we will take her up on her offer.

12) Use of Banners: Both of the banners will be used for the group picture.

13) Facilities Lay Out Map: Dave Johnson handed out the updated GRC facilities layout map showing where all the tables and activities will be.

15) Next meetings Schedule:

July 8th at The Golden Steer Restaurant

  *****NOTE: Anyone wishing to have lunch before the meeting together will be in the upper bar area (larger than the 1890’s room) at 12 noon.


Kent-Meridian Class of 1967 Reunion Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 @ 1:00 at Golden Steer

1) Approval of Minutes (from 5/6//17)

2) Financial Report

3) Registration Update

4) Continued PR … getting the word out / calling lists results

5) Decorations

6) KM Campus Tour

7) KM 65-67 Teacher Invitations for Saturday Night

8) Greeters Schedule and Duties

9) Slide Show

10) Photos and Videos

11) Registration Table,  Packets and Name Tags

12) Uses of Banners

13) Facilities Layout Map

14) Other Agenda Items

15) Next Meeting(s)- July 8th and ??

                                         *****NOTE: Anyone wishing to have lunch before the meeting together will be in the upper bar area (larger than the 1890’s room) at 12 noon.

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