Missing Classmates

Please check the list of missing and let them know we are looking for them. If you have their contact information please let us know at kmclassof67@q.com

This is the current list of missing (unable to locate them( classmates as of February 18, 2019:

William Dean Baughman

Harold Clayton Frandsen

Robert (Skip) Andrus Lund

William Walter Phillips

Karen Marilyn Tranholdt Little

Uretta Gifford Noyes

Susan Elizabeth Bely

Janice Eileen Bjorklund

Patricia Marie Campbell House

Linda Louise Carda Davis

Pamela Ann Carlson

Julia Alison Congdon

Darlene Nancy Craig Phillips

Marie Ellen Duxburg

Patricia Larie Hallin Steefer

Charyl Ruth Kelley

Michael Robert McCarthy

Marcella Ruth Moore

Judith Paquin Duffield Brown

Judith Ann Porter

Pamela Sue Potter

Roxanna Lee Reeder

Donald Stanley Scherich

Samuel S Song

Susan Dee Stanley

Linda Irene Witzel Davis

Yuji Yoshida

Luther James Green

James Herbert Mount

Joy Marie Perry Green

Diana Louise Bowen Hennig

Terrell Leslie Rogers

Charles Bartholomew

lila Johnson


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  1. My Father, Doug Olson, has been looking for any news of Melvin Talant. Does anyone know his status and/or how to get in touch with him? Thank you!

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