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A New Way to Have a Say in improving your community school 


The Kent-Meridian High School Trust Fund allows the community, parents, alumni and business partners to donate funds to a specific account,assuring your generosity goes to your area of interest.

For example, if you are a KM graduate with a passion for biology, you might want to donate to the Science Department to increase the ratio of microscopes to students.

Or, if you notice students from our school who visit your place of business and do not appear to have basic essentials, you could specify your donation to the Student Needs account for backpacks, shoes, etc.

Each athlete now pays $100 per sport to participate on a team.

And how about students who really want to go to college, have an opportunity and an invitation to visit one, but can’t afford the bus ride or food costs to participate? You could specify your donation to the Scholarship account.

For those who are just plain grateful got their own student’s experience, there are many accounts in which to specify your donation.

The Kent-Meridian Trust Fund has many checks and balances in place assuring a thoughtful, impartial and honest decision making process.

Requests for the use of funds are submitted by staff and considered by the Kent-Meridian Leadership Team. The finances are managed by the Kent School District Finance Department, following strict state reporting requirements. Donations over $2,500 are submitted to the Kent School District Board of Directors for approval.

Please make checks payable to:    Kent-Meridian Trust Fund

You may specify on your check that your donation go to:

Any Curricular Department such as:Social Studies, Visual Arts, Math, Special Ed., Science,     ELL, Language Arts, PE, Theater Arts,  Music, or World Languages


or, any of these special accounts:

Student Recognition

Athletic Fees

Student Needs











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