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Kent-Meridian Class of 1967 Reunion Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Attendees:  Dave Johnson, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Steve Whitehead, Melodie (Cain) Ickes, Cherie (Johanns) Havind, Larry Petersen, Karen (McMasters) Busey, Monty and Cathy Wilson, Annette (Kahoun) Benham

  1. Minutes from last meeting were approved as submitted.
  1. Financial Report:  We currently have $5 in savings, as well as $3,518.01 in checking.  Purchases since last report include refund of the cost of memory books to several classmates, postage and mailing costs, printing and copying, a gratuity to Karen Reel for her excellent photographic work of our events, and an addition  donation of $4,733 to the K-M Student Trust Fund (making a total of $6700 to this fund, with the challenge to future classes to  contribute 100 times the last two digits of the year of their graduation –  at least through 1999!).
  1. 50th Reunion Results since March mtng:
  • A special “kudos” to the Decorations Committee – the room at GRC looked beautiful, and it was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into planning and setting up for our event!  They were able to transform that room from its usual kind of “ grey state”!
  • Many people very much appreciated the escorts at the end of the evening – great idea!
  • There were some complaints about the lack of directions for parking and where the event was located on campus.
  • Larry Albert did a wonderful and entertaining job serving as our MC for the evening!
  1. We discussed some ways to add to our planning committee or recruiting folks to help with specific tasks.  We know there are people out there who would like to help!  We welcomed Cherie Johanns Havind to our committee this meeting.
  1. 51st Reunion Plans:  Dave has been in touch with Dick Illian to plan a casual get-together at the Apogee Tavern at Fairwood Shopping Center on Sept. 15th, beginning at 5:00 p.m.  There is no reserved seating, so we need folks to get there early and claim our space.  This is a relatively informal gathering, but Melodie will bring the table bouquet, sign-in sheet, and name tags.  We will be encouraging classmates to order dinner, since the Apogee is not charging for the room.  This will be a very casual affair, and we’re hoping to have 60 – 80 people.  Antonette has a notecard that will be sent via e-mail, and we may add the suggestion to order dinner with that information.  The notecard will also be posted on our website.  There is plenty of parking at the Fairwood Shopping Center.
  1. Other Activities/Events in 2018:  For the K-M Homecoming, possibly set for October 4 (Dave will check and confirm), we are planning to sit as a group to represent our class.  Other classmates are also welcomed.  If there is any other event that anybody wants to do with a sub-set of classmates, let Antonette know and she can give you a mailing list.
  1. Connecting with other K-M Reunion Committees:  There has been some discussion with reunion committees from 1960 – 1970 about having an informal joint get-together.  Assisting other classes in planning their reunions was discussed.  Dave has been in contact with some of the other class committees.
  1. New Planning Committee Members:  We can use the get-together at the Apogee to recruit new committee members.  Marilyn Kennelly has moved back into the area.  Dave will call her to see if she might be interested.  We also discussed the possibility of using out-of-area classmates to work on special projects.
  1. Alzheimer’s Presentation – Sandy Molotte has too much going on right now to do an Alzheimer’s presentation for us.  We may look at another time to schedule her for this.
  1. Next Meeting – We agreed upon Saturday, August 25 for our next meeting.  This meeting will be held at the Apogee, so that we can see it before our Sept. 15 gathering in the evening.


Kent-Meridian Class of 1967 Reunion Committee Meeting

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Attendees:  Dave Johnson, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Steve Whitehead, Melodie (Cain) Ickes

  1. Financial Report:  We currently have $5 in savings, as well as $3,753.01 in checking.
  1. 50th Reunion Results Since Sept. Mtng:  We are still getting positive comments from our classmates.  Great job, everybody!
  1. 51st Reunion Plans:  We will have a casual get-together at the Apogee Tavern at Fairwood Shopping Center on Sept. 15th, beginning at 5:00 p.m.  Melodie will bring the table bouquet, sign-in sheet, and name tags.  We will be encouraging classmates to order dinner, since the Apogee is not charging for the room.  This will be a very casual affair, and we’re hoping to have 60 – 80 people.  Antonette has a notecard that will be sent via e-mail, and we may add the suggestion to order dinner with that information.  The notecard will also be posted on our website. 
  1. Other Activities/Events in 2018:  Classmate Sandy Molotte will do an Alzheimer’s informational talk on the afternoon of the 15th. We’re still looking for a place, as well as a specific time.  We are uncertain of a charge for this, but we would definitely encourage a donation to the Alzheimer’s Foundation if there is no charge.  We also discussed some other informal gatherings, possibly having a group at K-M Homecoming again next Fall.  We might also look for other venues at a more central location to have our planning meetings.  Antonette, can you check into this for us?
  1. Connecting with other K-M Reunion Committees:  Dave has been working with other classes planning their 50th year reunions.  There is interest in working with these other groups on a secure system to share contact information, focusing on siblings that might have already had their reunion.  Dave shared the letter that he is proposing to send to the planning committees of those other classes.
  1. New Planning Committee Members:  We will post information at the 51st year event at the Apogee inviting others to our next scheduled meeting.  Leslie will now do the minutes of our meetings.
  1. Next Meeting – June 9th at the Golden Steer, unless another venue is found by this time.

KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Steve Whitehead, Melody (Cain) Ickes,  Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Nancy (Olson) Lyle, Dave Johnson, Larry Petersen, Nancy (Bauter) Roddy, Alyce Foster, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler, and Greg Bailey.

1) Minutes accepted: The minutes from our May 6th, 2017 meeting were approved as written.

2) Financial Report: 

A) Primary account – $11,956

B) KM Support Fund – $661

C) Savings Account – $5

D) Total in Account – $ 12,622

E) Recent Expenses – $1,535

F) Recent Donations – $335.00

3) Registration Update: We have received 83 classmate registrations and 37 guest registrations for  a total of 120 plates paid for the Saturday night dinner event. Thirty two (32) people are signed up for the welcome luncheon on Friday. Ten (10) have paid for the golf event on Friday afternoon. Twenty one (21) have indicated they will attend the Goodbye breakfast on Sunday morning. Twenty seven (27) are signed up for the KM campus tour. Finally, nine (9) of our classmates that are unable to attend have ordered the Memory Book.

4) Continued PR Efforts: Dave Johnson will check with Dennis Shanlian regarding local reader boards and local news coverage of our upcoming events.

5) Decorations Committee: The committee reported that they are ready to decorate for Saturday night. They will have gold runners, alternating color table linens, blue and white boutonnieres with the words 50 year on them. A gold vase crown will hold artificial flowers will be on the registration table. Fresh hydrangeas will be on the tables along with small centerpiece mirrors. The railings will have strings of lights with a white tulle. There will also be bouquets of balloons. The committee has worked quite hard and long on setting the tone for a very memorable event.

6) KM Campus Tour: Nancy Roddy will bring the food treats, Greg Bailey will provide “Travelers” coffee from Starbucks, Antonette Benham and Leslie Meisner will bring tea bags. Leslie will also bring the napkins.

7) Teacher Invitations:  We have received RSVP’s from Jim and Marilyn Cantrell and Paul and Joyce Highsmith. Don Campbell has sent his regrets. We are waiting to hear from several other teachers.

8) Greeters: Kathy Pickard filled out the time schedule for our greeters and will make it available at our next meeting on July 8th.

9) Slideshow: Dave Johnson sent about 100 photos from previous reunions, meetings and our senior year annual to Gary Albers. Gary is creating a slide show to be running before and after dinner.

10) Photos and Videos: The SnapBar will be open for an hour and a half before dinner and an hour and a half after the dinner. Classmates will be able to gather old friends for a photo that will be printed out right after the picture is taken. Digital copies will be made available later. Rains  Video Productions will be serving as our videographer and will make his interviews available on a CD Disc for $29.99. Karen Reel will be snapping pics throughout all of our events during the three days and will make them available for $9.99. The large group picture will be taken by Rains Productions. The grade school classmates pictures will be taken on a schedule at the SnapBar.

11) Registration Packets and Name Tags: The name tags will have each classmate’s picture and name on it. Name tags will be provided to their guests that identify what classmate they are with. Jeanne Stewart has volunteered to put the name tags together and we will take her up on her offer.

12) Use of Banners: Both of the banners will be used for the group picture.

13) Facilities Lay Out Map: Dave Johnson handed out the updated GRC facilities layout map showing where all the tables and activities will be.

15) Next meetings Schedule:

July 8th at The Golden Steer Restaurant

  *****NOTE: Anyone wishing to have lunch before the meeting together will be in the upper bar area (larger than the 1890’s room) at 12 noon.


KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, March 19, 2016

  • Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Steve Whitehead, Melody (Cain) Ickes, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Greg Bailey, Louse (Trumbull) Schmutzler, Francine (Conwell) Nelson, Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Sue (Moore) Newman, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Larry Albert

Others volunteering to serve on the committee (but were unable to attend today) are: Dave Johnson, Monty Wilson, Chuck Joiner, Alyce (Slightem) Foster, Nancy (Behan) Roddy, Rod Bergquist, Karen (McMasters) Busey, Gwenann (Isles) Kroon, Jeanne (Stewart) Urquhart, Dennis Shanlian, Judy (Ducatt) Shurtleff, Cathy (Theer) Wilson, Tom Del Pozzi, Larry Peterson

  • Minutes accepted: Last meeting, January 9, 2016
  • Financial Report:  
  • Primary account – $1843.16
  • Scholarship account – $660.48
  • Event day selection – Information from Dave Johnson –
  • Jim Barrios is contact for Kent Event Center
  • Showare too small; Senior Center may be big enough
  • Other suggestions for sites included:
  • Barnabys – West Valley/Andover – may now be Renton Event Center
  • Fairwood Golf & Country Club
  • Kent Senior Center
  • Masonic Temple – too small
  • Renton Vo-Tech
  • Dave wants to know who would like to participate in reviewing venues to determine our 50th event location.
  • Members indicating would like to participate in this were: Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner
  • Susan Stroomer – was at Meridian Valley Golf & Country Club – had a great time; suggested this be looked into as possible venue
  • Reunions Unlimited and The Event Company
  • Antonette recommends we not hire Reunions Unlimited & The Event Company – with all that was done for the 45th gathering, we can reach out ourselves
  • For the list, name, city, cell # and email
  • On the list – yes or no
  • Want to try to keep cost in neighborhood of 45th gathering – about $100 including spouses/guests
  • Committees:
  • Music – Greg has it all done, using as background only
  • Door – check-in – maybe connect with other classes to see if they would like to provide in-kind assistance? Linda (Knapp) Rogers will check with her sister Theresa (Knapp) Zanassi. Needed for 2 nights – they help us, we in turn help them
  • MC – will be Larry Albert
  • Event Schedule – items to be considered included:
  • Golf – Thursday or Friday – Friday was determined to be the best possible day;
  • For those interested would just golf, no tournament
  • Recommend hold before Friday night dinner if we have this
  • Arrange T times
  • Friday evening social hour – 7 PM; no host
  • Saturday main event – 6:30 PM – location TBD; have light snacks
  • Sunday – breakfast at Golden Steer – 9:00 AM, o-host
  • Welcome Committee Kathy (Gregory) Pickard – will need 4 people
  • Memorabilia – Melody (Cain) Ickes
  • Photography – Chuck Joiner
  • Other suggestions:
  • Invite teachers – contact school district – Sue (Moore) Newman , Steve Whitehead and Francine (Conwell) Nelson
  • Barbara Ewoldt Boling
  • Doc Stewart
  • Jim Cantrell
  • Joe Venera
  • Paul Highsmith
  • Next meeting:  June 11, 2016 – 12:00 lunch; meeting at 1:00

Adjourned at 2:10 PM
KM Class of 67 Reunion Committee Meeting Notes from Sat., Jan. 9, 2016

1) Classmates Present: Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Dave Johnson, Steve Whitehead, Monty Wilson, Melodie (Cain) Ickes, Chuck Joiner, Alyce (Slightem) Foster, Susan (Moore) Newman, Nancy (Behan) Roddy, Rod Bergquist, and Karen (McMasters) Busey,
Others volunteering to serving on the committee (but were unable to attend today) are: Gwenann (Isles) Kroon, Jeanne (Stewart) Urquhart, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Dennis Shanlian, Judy (Ducatt) Shurtleff, Greg Bailey, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler, Francine (Conwell) Nelson, Cathy (Theer) Wilson, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Tom Del Pozzi and Larry Peterson.

2) Minutes Accepted: L ast meeting, Oct. 3rd 2015.

3) Carol Riley / The Event Company and Reunions With Class:

Carol Riley presented her company’s services to High School reunion planning committees. Services offered include: locating missing classmates, communications to, from and between classmates, venue research and selection consulting, registration, decorations, contact booklets, event reception table, and many more reunion committee support activities.

4) C ommittees: Volunteers are needed to serve on the following committees: Sunday Farewell event, Music, and Reunion Booklet (to be determined).

5) Main Event Day Selection: A ntonette (Kahoun) Benham and Dave Johnson are forming a committee of classmates willing to visit several possible venues, compare results and recommend a site to be decided earlier than a year before our 50th reunion. Those interested in serving on

the committee are Dave, Antonette, Dennis Shanlian and Jeanne (Stewart) Urquhart. More volunteers are needed.

6) Date for 50 Year Reunion in 2017: I s the weekend of July 22 – 24 of 2017 the best weekend for us to attract the most KM 67 classmates OR would a (after summer) September weekend be better ?

7) Venues / 50 Year Event: Several venues have been suggested for our main (Saturday night) 50 year reunion gathering. Amongst them are Kent Senior Center, Kent Events Center, Meridian Valley Golf and Country Club, Kent Showare Center, Green River Community College, Meridian Valley Country Club and Fairwood Golf and Country Club.

8) KM Class of 1967 Website and Facebook Page:

Our planning committee’s site is:

Our new public Facebook page is: Kent-Meridian Class of 12967 Reunions

P l e a s e , visit these sites and comment on our planning process

9) Next Meeting: Saturday, March 19th at the Golden Steer Restaurant. We will start the meeting at 1:00, but have reserved the 1880’s room for lunch at 12:00 for anyone that would like to eat together before the meeting begins.

                                      KM ‘67 Planning Committee

                             48th Year Reunion Committee Meeting

            (Sat. January 10th, 2014 at 1:00 at the Golden Steer in Kent)

Present: Antonette Benham, Dave Johnson, Melodie Ickes, Greg Bailey, Linda Rogers, Tom Del Pozzi, Francine Nelson, Kathy Pickard.

Approval Of Minutes: The minutes were approved with the correction regarding Green River College. There is no Culinary Department at Green River that could potentially serve an event on campus.

Post Cards: Antonette mailed the post cards announcing our 48th year gathering (July 25th, 2015 at the Golden Steer) out on January 9th. Some have already been returned due to address errors. We will add these to the missing classmates list and continue searching for them.

Business Cards: These folded cards will be handed to classmates interested in serving on a sub-committee planning for our 50 year reunion in 2017. Antonette will have a rough draft ready for our next meeting.

Missing Classmates List: The list has been posted on our KM67 Facebook page as well as the Facebook page entitled “You Know Your From Kent When …” Antonette continues to update the postings as new information comes in. We will also get our committees contact information ( on the KM Alumni website.

Golden Steer Venue 2015: Owner, Jim Berrios, is offering all classmates that have dinner at the Golden Steer a 10% discount. Dancing to “our era” music will be available in the bar area after our event also. Our reunion committee will provide hors d’oeuvres during the event. We need to make sure the door to the outside air remains closed to allow the air conditioning system to operate efficiently.

Venue Ideas For 2017: We tabled this agenda item until after this summer’s event when we have more people and resources to locate and select the very best venue.

Tour KM / Class of 67 Scholarship?: Dave will schedule a tour with the KM staff person responsible for liaising with alumni groups. Those interested in taking the tour are: Antonette, Dave, Greg, Melodie and Linda. We will explore with this KM person scholarships and other ideas to “pay it forward” to current and future KM students.

Social Media: Dave will ask his daughter to help him create a KM67 website and a “community” Facebook page.

Committees / Chairpersons For 50 Year Reunion:

  • Friday Night Mix and Mingle event
  • Golf Saturday Morning
  • Lost Royals – Antonette and Dave
  • Memorial – Francine
  • Memorabilia – Melodie
  • DVD – Tom
  • Raffle / Momentos- Antonette and Linda
  • Music (65 to 69) – Greg
  • Table Tents / Center Piece – Francine
  •  Photography – Tom
  •  Sunday Farewell – Antonette
  • Welcome – Kathy

Financial Report: (cards cost 62 cents per card)

                           $2,070.91 bank account

$108.00 card printing to be paid

$50.00 labeling to be paid

$153.00 stamps to be paid

Next Meeting: Saturday, April 18th at 1:00 @ The Golden Steer



KM ‘67 Planning Committee

48th Year Reunion Committee Meeting

(Sat. April 18thth, 2015 at 1:00 at the Golden Steer in Kent)

1) Present: Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Dave Johnson, Melodie (Cain) Ickes, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler, Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Tom Del Pozzi, and, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard.

2)Approval Of Minutes: The minutes were approved as written.

3) KM Tour on March 17th, 2015

Dave, Greg, Dennis, Francine and her sister were hosted by Deborah Theisen (KM Campus Manager) for an hour tour around the campus. The basic layout is pretty much the same, but many additions and improvements have been made over the years. Most notable are the gym(s), performing arts area, and the East building with Auditorium which used to be the old cinemas building. Ms. Theisen pointed out several projects that we may want to assist with. Also, she handed us a printout of other ways in which we can support current and future KM students.

4) KM Class of 67 Website

Dave has been working on a website for our KM 67 classmates. The purpose of the website is to communicate with our classmates and aid in the planning of our reunions and other activities. The website should be ready to be used by all classmates by early June, 2015. It was recommended that the home page menu have a tab for events at which all future events be listed at one place on the website. Also suggested was a tab for planning sub-committees and the planning committee members responsible for the sub-committee. Finally, we will have a tab for our classmates that have passed away and another for classmates we have been unable to make contact with since we graduated.

5) KM Facebook Page

We want to make this page more interactive. Dave will consult with his Daughter to see what can be done to enhance the page.

6) Business Card and Mailing Flyers for the July 25th Event

Antonette passed out her rough draft of the business card we plan to use to find volunteers for planning committee sub-committees. We made a few adjustments and added the KM 67 website and facebook links. These links will also be added to the flyer that will be sent out to our entire mailing list early in June for the July 25th event. Included in that mailing will be the current list of classmates we have been unable to locate to date with a request for classmates to help us find people on the missing list.

7) Scholarship / Support KM Students / Deborah Theisen

We discussed the possibility of funding the addition of a light on the flagpole in front of the high school. Dave will notify Deborah Theisen that we wish to commit to this project pending the actual cost and final approval of our committee. Also, we will inform our classmates (via website, facebook and the mail out flyer) of the opportunities to support current students’ daily academic needs as well as for their continued (college) education.

8) Golden Steer Logistics for 2015 Event

We may need to post a sign on the outside door to keep it closed in order to assure the proper functioning of the air conditioning. We will need to set up a reception table and schedule committee members to manage the event registrations.

9) IRS 501(c)3 Tax Status

Dave will ask Dennis to research the possibility of applying for this status.

10) Next Planning Committee Meeting

We will meet again on Saturday, May 30th at 1:00 at the Golden Steer.






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