50 Reunion Year Planning Committees

Our Planning Committee Includes the following classmates:

Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Dave Johnson, Francine (Conwell) Nelson, Greg Bailey, Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Steve Whitehead, Louise (Trumbell) Schmutzler, Monty Wilson, Melodie (Cain) Ickes, Chuck Joiner, Alyce (Slightem) Foster, Susan (Moore) Newman, Cathy (Theer) Wilson, Nancy (Behan) Roddy, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Karen (McMasters) Busey, Nancy (Olson) Kyle.

We are forming committees for our BIG 50TH YEAR REUNION. There are the committees we need more help with:


1) Friday Night Mix & Mingle – need volunteers

2) Friday Golf Event – Susan (Moore) Newman and Dave Johnson

3) Memorial – Francine (Conwell) Nelson

4) Memorabilia – Louise (Trumbull) Schumtzler and Melodie (Cain) Ickes

5) Raffle / Momentos – Linda (Knapp) Rogers and Antonette (Kahoun) Benham

6) Table Tents -Francine (Conwell) Nelson, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler, Alyce (Slightem) Foster, Leslie (Moon) Meisner and Karen (McMasters) Busey

7) Sunday Farewell – need volunteers

8) Saturday Night Welcome – Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Linda (Knapp) Rogers and Steve Whitehead

9) Master of Ceremonies – need volunteers

10) Photography – Greg Bailey, Chuck Joiner and Linda (Knapp) Rogers

11) Music – need volunteers

12) 50 year Reunion Booklet – need volunteers

13) Main Event Venue – Dave Johnson, Antonette (Kahoun) and Dennis Shanlian


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  1. Hello everyone,

    I really enjoyed the get-together at the Golden Steer last week. It was wonderful seeing so man old friends.

    Question: is Dr. J. Edgar, err, J. Arthur Stuart still around to be our Master of Ceremonies for number 50?


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