In Memoriam

We have lost a number of our classmates over the years. If you are aware of a classmate that you know has passed away and is not yet on this list, please contact Francine (Conwell) Nelson. Here is the most current list we have to this date, June 17th, 2017.

Ron Gregory Anthony
Robert Lee Airington

John Earnest Alder

Nancy Bergman
Jim Don Bowman

Roger Eugene Boxell

Karen Brown
Bryan Gene Cook
Sherry Lynn Crum

Barbara Curry
Steve Eugene Duncan
Steve Earl Dunn
Pedro Gene Fabie
Linda Christine Fields
Pat Dale Fleming
Dan Steve Furney
Mary Anne Gentile
Richard Eugene Gettle

Kathy Glidden

Troy D Gloudemann
Peggy Louise Green
Connie Hougardy
Bruce Barry Huber
Jackie (Jacki) J Kawaski
Carol Sue Kinghammer

William Kiser
Pam Larson
Bob James Levack

Steve Lievense
Kenneth E Loop
Jim Austin Magee

Kevin Marin

Lawrence Marlowe

Roy McDermott
Michael Paul McKiddy
Charlotte Grace Mitchell

Sherry Molesh
Wesley E Murchison
Don Wayne Murphy

James Neilson
Einar Denny Ness

Dennis Gene Newcomb

Frank Palady

Roger Peterson
Sandy E Peterson

Daniel Pike

James Pszanowski

Charles Raiden

Jack Reeves

Pam Reiten
Frank Earl Reiter
Kathy Marie Rossman
Bernadette Helen Schreiber

Ron Scoville
Joan Louise Sommers

Bertha Stacy
Sharon Diane Spence
Theron Scott Summers

Mark W. Sweum
Ron Gene Toschi

Steve Urness
Dave Harold Ulleland

Ron Vandermark
Wilda Lorraine Warrick

Calvin Williams
Stan Allen Winkle
Joann Yei

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