AGENDA for KM Class of 67 Reunion Planning Committee Meeting May 6th, 2017 @ Green River College Student Union Building

 Kent-Meridian Class of 1967 Reunion Committee Meeting Saturday, May 6th, 2017 @ 1:00 at Green River College


1) Approval of Notes (from 3/08/17)
2) Financial Report
3) Registration Update
4) Continued PR Efforts: Missing Classmates, Radio, Reader Boards, Social Media

5) Decorations Committee Update

6) Program Committee and Master of Ceremonies
7) Campus Tour Arrangements
8) Teacher Invitations, Addresses, Hosting
9) Registration Table Needs (files, name tags, receipts, etc.)

10) Facility Layout Map

11) Group Photo(s)
12) Banner
13) Other
14) Next Meetings ( June 10th and July 8th)

*****NOTE: For anyone wishing to have lunch together before the meeting, we will meet at the (GRC) student union building information booth and then going to the assigned room for lunch and our meeting. Look for a sign at the information desk to know where in the building we will be eating and then convening our meeting at 1:00.


KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Melody (Cain) Ickes,  Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Nancy (Olson) Lyle, Dave Johnson, Alyce (Slightam) Foster,  Susan (Moore) Newman, Nancy (Bauter) Roddy, Monty Wilson, Francine (Conwell) Nelsen and Gwenann (iles) Kroon.

1) Minutes accepted: The minutes from our January 21st, 2017 meeting were approved.

2) Financial Report:  

  1. A) Primary account – $2,817.94
  2. B) KM High School Benefits – $661.14
  3. C) Savings- $5.00
  4. D) Total General Fund Donations = $1,725

3) Flyers, Registration and PR

A) Antonette has been working hard on our mailing list in order to be able to mailout our first invitational flyer by the middle of March. The incentive plan to encourage early registration is: $56 by April 30th, $65 by May 31st and $75 by June 30th. We are hoping for 200+ attendees for the Saturday night dinner event, but conservatively budgeting for at least 150. For those undeliverable classmate addresses, we will email these classmates (that have email addresses) to tell them that  if you didn’t get one, please contact Antonette with your correct address and she will send them another flyer.

B) We will also be posting the general information about our reunion events     (without the registration form)  on our KM 67 website and our KM 67 Facebook Page. 

C) Dave Will be inviting the remainder of our classmates with email addresses to join our Facebook page. This is estimated to be another 100 or so who are not on Facebook as of yet. We currently have about 100 followers to our KM 67 Facebook site.

4) Committee Reports:

A) Snap Bar: The committee voted to contract with Snapbar, Inc. for $1,100 to operate a “photo booth” that will allow our classmates to have pictures taken in any size groups or as individuals. The pictures will be printed out in real time and made available digitally to all later.

B) Golf Event: Susan Newman reported that the golf event has been moved from Kent’s River Bend Course to the Auburn golf course because River Bend could not guarantee our reservations. The Auburn Course has guaranteed 24 tee time reservations beginning at 1:00 pm Friday, July 21st. Sign-up for the golf event will be via the registration form with participants paying up front for 9 or 18 holes. Golf clubs and carts are available to rent for an extra fee.

C) Decorations: Leslie Meisner and Francine Nelson reported that the committee has met with Patty Sherman (GRC) to discuss and look at the facility layout, centerpiece ideas, memorial and memorabilia table runners, helium balloons and tall tables availability. The committee asked for and received approval from the full planning committee for $200 in expenditures for decorations etc.

D) Menu: Nancy Roddy and Nancy Lyle reported on and recommended that we select for our Saturday night event the Northwest Buffet Dinner which includes Salmon and Chicken. The cost would be $38.60 which includes the 28% admin. fee and gratuities. We will also buy little cakes with the KM logo for dessert or keepsake.

E) KM Campus Tour: The committee decided to go ahead with the KM campus tour scheduled for 10:30 on Saturday, July 22nd. We will provide bagels, cream cheese and coffee before and after the tour. We are still looking for donations to cover the cost of the required insurance costs of about $350.

F) Memory Book: Our fellow classmate Gary Albers has volunteered his high school class to work on the memory book layout for print ready preparation. We are asking all classmates, whether attending or not, to send pictures and biography information to Antonette as soon as possible.

G) Greeter: All planning committee members will be serving a few minutes as “greeters” to welcome classmates before and after the registration process. We will be wearing flowers and badges. Kathy Pickard will be scheduling us and suggesting our “greeter’s” purpose statement.

H) KM Class of 66 Volunteer Registrars: Leslie Meisner will work with her sister Sherry Klein (class of 66) to recruit and organize the volunteers to work our sign-in / registration table. We will be thanking these KM 66 volunteers with a Starbucks card just as they did for our KM 67 volunteer registrars for their event last summer of 2016.

I) KM Teacher Invitations: Gwenann Kroon will put together an invitation to our former teachers. We will be honoring  any teachers that can attend our Saturday night event by paying for their dinner. Gwenann will need names and contact information of our former teachers.

J) Gift Basket Raffle: Antonette will buy the gift basket from her sister and sell raffle tickets for $5 each as a fund raiser for future reunions. The basket will be mailed to the winner(s). The basket will cost $100 plus shipping costs.

5) Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be on Saturday, April 8th at 1:00 at the Golden Steer in Kent. Please, feel free to join us for lunch at 12 noon in the upper bar area.

KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, January 21, 2017

Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Steve Whitehead, Melody (Cain) Ickes, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard,  Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Mike Terry, Nancy Lyle, Dave Johnson, Alyce (Slightam) Foster, Karen Busey (McMasters), Larry Petersen, Susan (Moore) Newman, Nancy (Olson) Roddy, and Monty Wilson.

1) Minutes accepted: The minutes from our September 17th, 2016 meeting were approved.

2) Financial Report:

     A) Primary account – $2,692.94

     B) KM High School Benefits – $661.08

     C) Savings- $5.00

     D) Recent General Fund Donations:

            1) $1,000

            2) $200

            3) $250

            4) $50


            6) $50 …..for a donated total of $1,600.

      E) Checks written:

             1) #1088 Olympia Copy and Printing Flyer – $150.58

             2) #1089 – USPS- $10.2

              3) #1090 – Fred Meyer Stamps – $ 9.40

3) Flyers, Registration and PR

Antonette has emailed, mailed and made phone calls for personal biographies and pictures from all classmates. We will need to set a hard deadline soon for such information . More details regarding the flyers, registration and PR will be forthcoming at the next meeting.

4) Committee Reports:

     A) Green River College (GRC) Food Service Report – Nancy Lyle handed out sample menus and reported on possible food choices for our Saturday night dinner event. Based on her committee’s report, the full planning committee decided to choose a Buffet Dinner instead of just having “Super Hor d’oeuvres”. The dinners will cost about $28.00 per plate. Also, a 28% charge for taxes and management is added for a total of about $34.00 per plate. A class cake may be added as a dessert also.

     B) Program Committee Members include: Larry Albert, Leslie Meisner, Susan Newman, Linda Rogers and Dave Johnson. The committee made several recommendations which include:

         1) The committee act as “greeters” after our classmates leave the registration table (personned by the KM Class of 66 volunteers). We want to make our classmates feel as welcome as possible and help them find other classmate friends they may have not seen for over 50 years.

           2) Our Master of Ceremonies (MC), Larry Albert, will be the only person at the podium and will suggest conversation at the tables following the theme of “We all have a story to tell”.

           3) We will memorialize our deceased classmates and honor all of our classmates having served in the armed services for our country.

            4) Larry Albert and a couple of Program Committee members will be meeting with the Audio/Visual person for GRC. to plan how best to use the GRC facility.

     C) Golf Event: Susan Newman and Dave Johnson are planning a golf event in the Kent area for Friday afternoon. However, we are running into problems reserving a course for an unknown number of people. The committee will continue to plan a golf outing based on the response from our flyer.

     D) Photography and Photo Booth: Mike Terry will ask Art Wolfe to provide large group photo services. Dave will get a bid from a photo booth company. Classmates can have pictures taken with a KM 67 themed background. The picture can be printed out immediately and made available digitally.

     E) Friday Luncheon: Antonette Benham is making the arrangements with the Golden Steer.

     F) KM 67 Banner: We decided to use the Banner from our previous reunion events. Melodie Ickes will make the necessary changes to reflect our 50 year reunion.

     G) Friday Night Event: Antonette Benham is making arrangements with the Golden Steer.

     H) Sunday Morning Farewell Event: The event will be “no host” and will be from 8-10:30 at the Golden Steer. Classmates can choose the Brunch option from 9-10:30 or order from the menu from 8-9.

     I) Elementary School Picture Display: Melodien Ickes will organize this display, but needs help from all of us to identify our classmates as much as possible.

     J) Tour of KM: The plan was to have a tour on Saturday from about 11 am to 1 pm. However, the cost of a one day liability insurance policy is about $350 and may be prohibitive. If we are going to do this, we will need donations to cover the cost and possibly a committee to organize the sack lunch in the old cafeteria.

     K) Bingo Activity has been canceled in lieu of the “Greeters” as recommended by the Program Committee and approved by our full planning committee.

     L) Decorations Committee:  Members include:  Leslie Meisner, Francine Nelson, Alyce Slightam-Foster, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler,  Barbara Curry and Patty Sherman (GRC).

     M) Memory Book; Antonette Benham is working with our classmate Gary Albers who works with a high school publications class. They will do the lay out work and print the memory book for a minimal cost. We will need to get our bio information and pictures gathered and to Gary in a timely manner.

     N) Memorial: Francine has updated the list of our deceased classmates, but needs more tribute information for her memorial display at the Saturday night event. Please, send  info to her.

     O) Missing Classmates List: Several of our full committee members worked thru the list provided by Antonette. A few classmates were found, but we are still over 100 missing classmates. The updated list was handed out to committee members. We need to keep working on finding our missing classmates.

5) Next Meeting: Our next full committee will be on Saturday, February 25th at 1:00 at the Golden Steer in Kent. Anyone wishing to join us for lunch before the meeting can join us at noon.

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  1. Greetings! I’m found! Cheryl (Cherie Johanns) Hovind is back in Auburn, WA, and would love to help with the reunion. Please let me know when and where the next meeting is scheduled and I’ll be there with bells on ready to help.

    1. Hi Cherie … so glad to hear from you. I will email you the information about our next meeting on Sat. May 6th at 1:00 in the Green River College Student Union Building.
      Thanks, Dave Johnson

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