KM 67 Reunion Planning Committee Notes July 8th 2017

KM Class of ’67 Reunion Committee

Meeting Notes from Saturday, July 8th,, 2017


Classmates Present:  Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Steve Whitehead, Melody (Cain) Ickes,  Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Leslie (Moon) Meisner, Nancy (Olson) Lyle, Dave Johnson, Larry Petersen, Nancy (Bauter) Roddy, Alyce Foster, Kathy (Gregory) Pickard, Louise (Trumbull) Schmutzler, Dennis Shanlian, Susan (Moore) Newman, Francine (Conwell) Nelson and Jeanne (Stewart) Urquhart. Guest Present: Karen Reel


1) Minutes accepted: The minutes from our June 10th, 2017 meeting were approved with the correction made to Karen Reel’s thumb drive price for $10 instead of $9.99.


2) Financial Report:  

  1. A) Primary account – $12,439.59
  2. B) KM Support Fund – $661.38
  3. C) Savings Account – $5.00
  4. D) Total in Account – $ 13, 105.97
  5. E) Recent Expenses – $ 1,282.42
  6. F) Recent Donations – $95.00
  7. G) Upcoming Expenses – Golf ($429.00) and GRC Dinner ($5,490.54)


3) Registration Update: We have received 100 classmate registrations, 2  teachers (+ a guest each)  and 37 guest registrations for  a total of 141 plates paid for the Saturday night dinner event. Forty six (46) people are signed up for the welcome luncheon on Friday. Thirteen(13) have paid for the golf event on Friday afternoon. Thirty eight (38) have indicated they will attend the Goodbye breakfast on Sunday morning. Thirty nine (39) are signed up for the KM campus tour. Finally, twenty (20) of our classmates that are unable to attend have ordered the Memory Book. We hope to pick up a few more dinner registrations by the time Antonette informs GRC of our final minimum dinners needed on Friday, July 14th. Also, we have a %10 cushion for walk ins which could be as many as 14 more plates.


4) Friday Night  Event Added:  We will have a Friday night no host event for classmates at the Golden Steer on Friday, July 21st at 7:00 pm. We will send the word out to all classmates. Anyone wishing to have dinner before that, can get a %10 dinner discount, but only if they make reservations for dinner with the restaurant.


5) Continued PR Efforts: Committee members who volunteered to call classmates not heard from as of yet,  may want to call those on their list that are the most promising possibilities to attend. Please, pass on any new contact information to Antonette. Dave will contact the Kent Reporter to get our events on the community calendar and to ask that a reporter do a story on our reunion.


6) Decorations Committee: We will ask GRC to set up 22 tables to be sure we have enough. Each table can seat 8 people for a potential of seating 176 attendees. Melodie has made 28 artificial flowers with KM and 50 years on them for the tables. Alyce also has a blue ribbon with KM on it to add to the center piece. These will go with the Hydrangeas that Gwenann is supplying.


7) Program Committee: . The program committee will be meeting with Larry next week to go over the list and assure our readiness for the Saturday night dinner activities.


8) Greeters Schedule and Duties: Kathy Pickard disseminated the mission statement for the Greeters and the volunteer schedule. We will all be needed to help get everyone outside to the all classmates picture (weather permitting) at 6:40. We will all need a list of dinner attendees so that we can check to see if someone is attending when the classmate we are helping asks about someone they are especially looking for.


9) Photos and Videos:


  • SnapBar: The template text should read: “KM Class of 67 Fiftieth Reunion”. The crest will also be on the template.


  1. Rains Video: The Rains videographer will be interviewing classmates live and putting it on a disc to be sold later for about $30. Karen Reel has consented to giving her photos to Rains to be included on the disc he is selling.
  2. Karen Reel: Karen will try to make all reunion activities to take candid shots. She will be selling the thumb drives for $10 each.
  3. Large Group Photo: Rains Productions will take the “all classmates picture” (hopefully outside) at 6:40.


10) Saturday GRC Work Party Schedule: Leslie will let us all know if those that volunteered to help with set will be needed on Friday or Saturday afternoon.


11) Registration Table, Packets, and name tags: Jeanne (Stewart) Urquhart picked up the makings of the name tags from Antonette, will assemble them and get them back to Antonette. Antonette is putting together the registration packets for Saturday night. There will be a flower arrangement in a gold crown on the registration table.


12) Safety Committee / Escorts: Steve Whitehead, Larry Petersen, Greg Bailey and Monty Wilson will help people get out to their cars safely after the dinner on Saturday night. Baseball hats with KM on them are available to these escorts. The committee decided to pay for the hats.

13) Golf: Susan (Moore) Newman reported on the golf event plans for tournament  prizes. The committee decided to cover the cost of the prizes etc, for up to $200. If the cost goes over that, Dave and Susan will cover it, unless the committee wishes to cover the overage at a later date.


14) Other Items: Panther Lake Elementary School is scheduled to be demolished soon.

Dave has scheduled a picture on the front steps of the school for Saturday morning at 9:30 and possibly a Kent Reporter employee to do a cover story.


15) De-Briefing Meeting / Celebration: Leslie (Moon) Meisner volunteered to have the gathering at her house on Saturday, September 16th, 2017. It will be a potluck with business taken care of first and then food and drinks afterwards.


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