GOLF Anyone ?

Our KM class of 1967 classmate,Susan (Moore) Newman, is working on organizing a golf event during our upcoming 50 Year Reunion in 2017. In order to plan this round of golf, she needs to gather some information from classmates that are interested in such an event. If there is enough interest, a tournament is possible. Please, respond to any or all of these questions in the comments or reply lines below. Also, since only about 80 of our classmates have joined this Facebook page, please, encourage any classmates you know of that use Facebook, to join this group. Please, also pass the word to any golfing classmates you may know of.

1. Are you interested in playing golf at our 50th reunion weekend?

2. If so, are you willing to arrive in town early to enable playing golf on Friday morning?

3. Do you want to simply play a round of golf or would you prefer to have a tournament with prizes, using handicaps, etc.? (Understand if you select the latter, the price for the golf day will increase.)

4. How many miles from Kent are you willing to travel to the golf course?
1-5, 6-10, 11-15?

5. What is the maximum you are willing to pay for greens fees?

6. Would you like to include spouses/friends in your foursome?

7. Do you belong to a Golf and Country club in the area?

8. Is there a golf course in the area you’d like to play?


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