50 Year Reunion Planning Committees

50 YEAR REUNION COMMITTEES     (1/2/16) 1) Friday Night Mix & Mingle – need volunteers 2) Friday Golf Event – Susan (Moore) Newman and Dave Johnson 3) Memorial – Francine (Conwell) Nelson 4) Memorabilia – Louise (Trumbull) Schumtzler and Melodie (Cain) Ickes 5) Raffle / Momentos – Linda (Knapp) Rogers and Antonette (Kahoun) Benham 6) […]

Planning for our 50 Year Reunion in 2017

                                       KM Class of 67 Reunion Committee Meeting Notes from Sat., Oct. 3rd 2015   1) Present: Antonette (Kahoun) Benham, Dave Johnson, Francine (Conwell) Nelson, Greg Bailey, Linda (Knapp) Rogers, Steve Whitehead, Louise (Trumbell) Schmutzler, Monty Wilson, Melodie (Cain) Ickes, Chuck Joiner, Alyce (Slightem) Foster, Susan (Moore) Newman, Cathy (Theer) Wilson, Nancy (Behan/Bauter, Roddy, Leslie […]